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    My name is Marina Torres and i was born and raised in Houston, tx. I am a Stephen F. Austin State University 2011 graduate. I received my Bachelor's in fine arts with a major concentration in photography and minor in painting. from 2011-2020 I worked my way up at the Houston museum of natural science store, as well as a freelance artist. My work experience has led me to further develop my skills in management, training, visual arts, and communications. With these skills, i have transitioned into the education field as an art educator. with an intern year as a 6th grade art teacher, under my belt.

About Me
Colorful Abstract

personal artwork


Student artwork

Graphic Pattern

Teaching Philosophy

as a teacher, my job will be to inspire and empower students to think and work like artists. In my classroom, I will give students opportunities to create and solve artistic problems. help students gain skills they need to effectively communicate ideas while creating art that is meaningful. Positive reinforcements will be used to build on their confidence.
 I will demonstrate tasks and use artists of past and present to inspire students. Encourage them to bring their experiences into the classroom to create trust and respect.   
An important lesson I will establish is to be able to learn from their mistakes, to embrace the process and To investigate, plan, create, and evaluate. 

Teaching Philosphy
Classroom Management

Classroom Management

I will provide a safe, creative, supportive and dynamic learning environment. where students can take responsibility of not only their own artwork, but community supplies, and collaborative work. this creates an excellent opportunity to learn about others and teach kindness.  
Students will be aware of the expectations of their behavior as it will be made clear at the beginning of the year and consistent throughout.
Being a part of a classroom community teaches students the values of respect and responsibility and how to relate positively to one another while becoming successful learners. It also helps students to feel accepted and loved, as well as safe and comfortable. When a student feels accepted and secure in their environment, they are more likely to engage in learning and contribute to the community.

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